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like snow is that we going to have some. >> millions prepare for an on slaught of winter. it could dump snow from new york city to boston. >> i've got my snow shoes, shovel, salt. and police officers on edge. the manhunt continues for the fired lapd cop who's accused of targeting officers and their families during a killing spree fueled by vengeance. >> this is a vendetta against all of southern california law enforcement. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, february 8th, 2013.
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good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, a potentially record-breaking debilitating storm is expected to slam the northeast this morning. so far totals could top two feet in some arias. dangerous wind gusts threaten power supplies and travel will be affected from coast to coast. the storm is actually a combination of two powerful storms converging off the atlantic koechlt one part of the storm is coming from the midwest. the worst of the storm will hit tonight into saturday morning. in some areas snowfall totals could reach historic levels. cbs weather consultant david bernard has the latest. >> it's taking shape this morning right off the banks of north carolina and this is going to rapidly strengthen throughout the day as it continues to move off to the north and northeast. by 7:00 this evening we've got a full-blown storm with rain mixing with snow from the coast from long island to north.
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everywhere north of there that's going to be heavy snow and overnight tonight into saturday morning that is when the storm and the blizzard is really going to be raging and it will be all snow up and down the coastline. some of this will be extremely heavy, and, of course, in spots we're also going to see blizzard conditions. wet snow is the potential through saturday. where we see these pink areas we could be talking more than two feet of snow in the most extreme cases and the purple area extending into northern new jersey indicates possibly a foot of snow, maybe a little bit more than that. again, it's a case where some areas are going to see a little more, some less. but that gives you a general idea of what to expect. i'm david bernard, cs news, miami. well, the storm will impact an area called home for millions and many started preparing for a weekend full of snow. tetiana anderson is in new york with more. good morning, tetiana. >> reporter: good morning,
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anne-marie. it hasn't even started snowing but we're already feeling the effects. some 3,000 flights canceled all across the northeast including airports like boston's logan and the three major errants that service new york city. and for those people who aren't traveling, well, there are just a few hours left to get supplies before this potentially historic snowfall starts. a familiar scene playing out across new england, people grabbing supplies and food ahead of the storm. the only thing more popular than snow shovels and rock salt seem to be milk and bread. >> craziness as usual for a snowstorm. >> it's crazy. it was a madhouse. >> i'm going to the liquor store. >> people worry about the snow. i'm not worried about it. >> reporter: but officials in massachusetts are. the governor asked all nonemergency state workers to stay home today, urged all schools to close, and asked people to stay off the roads to allow the state's army of plow trucks to do their work. in addition to snow, the
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nor'easter is expected to churn up fierce waves and threatening coastal flooding. that could pose a major problem in areas around new york city that are still recovering from superstorm sandy. >> we can handle the snow. we just don't need any more water. >> the last thing we need after this hurricane, you know, but what can we do? we just ride it out like we did last time. >> reporter: new york city is readying a fleet of 365 plow trucks. they'll be responsible for keeping more than 6,300 miles of city streets cleared of snow. >> that's like going from here to los angeles and back. >> reporter: and for the first time during major snowstorm, the city will be using its plow tracker system. it allows the public to see where the plows have been by logging onto the city's website. forecasters are predicting we could get 14 inches of snow here in new york city. boston, up to 2 feet. and, anne-marie, keep in mind the record snowfall there in boston is a little over 27.5 inches.
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>> oh, boy. everybody's preparing for the worst. thank you. tell a ya na anderson in new york. well, overnight california law officials continue their search for an ex-cop who's hunting other police officers. christopher dorner is heavily armed accused of killing three people and he posted a hit list online. the man hunt covers three states and mexico. teresa garcia is outside los angeles police headquarters. teresa, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. this has certainly been a tense location out here with so many officers stationed on different corners. we've have a chopper that's been flying overhead with a search light going around. this is a sweeping manhunt as you said. it's extended across california through the mexico border, through nevada, and the latest search has been up in the snowy part of the community with officers following foot tracks but so far he's still on the loose. police say helicopters equipped with infrared light searched
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through the night for christopher dorner. they say he's now hunting his former colleagues. >> the streets will be full of patrol cars. >> reporter: the heaviest search is taking place in the mountain of big mown tanlt, california. dorner's burned out truck was found there thursday afternoon and a search door to door is under way. dorner posted a manifesto on his facebook page where he vowed to get revenge for being fired in 2009. >> dorner is considered to be armed and extremely dangerous. >> reporter: outside lapd headquarters officers here are taking the unusual step of patrolling their own headquarters in case dorner attacks. >> he knows what he's doing. we trained him. he was also a member of the armed forces. >> reporter: police say dorner began his rampage on sunday killing monica quan and her
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fian fiance. her father represented dorner at his hearings. he said, quote, i never had the opportunity to have a family of my own. i'm terminating yours. police say dorner shot an lapd officer in corona early thursday morning wounding him. 20 minutes later they say he ambushed two riverside officers, seriously injuring one and killing the other. and since this has all unfolded, anne-marie, the 10,000 lapd force has dispatched officers to more than 40 potential tar gets which include police officers and their families. also lapd has taken motorcycle officers fearing they'll be easy targets. as for dorner, he says he's not fearing death. well, the u.s. military is making changes following its response to the attack on the u.s. mission in libya. outgoing secretary of defense
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leon panetta was grilled during the attack on capitol hill yesterday. panetta was pressed about the president's involvement. he said he learned about the assault while meeting with mr. obama. mr. obama told him to deploy forces as quickly as possible, but panetta did not speak to the president after that. >> the event was over before -- >> it lasted almost eight hours and my question to you is during that eight-hour period, did the president slow any curiosity about how's this is going, what kind of assets are helping these people? did he ever make that phone cal? >> look. there's no question in my mine the president of the united states was concerned about american lives. >> well, with all due respect i don't believe that's a credible statement if he never called and ask ued you are we helping these people, what's happening to them. >> reporter: panetta also said he was helping those but
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president obama decided against it. also on capitol hill hill john brennan was a key issue. brennan defended the program. he said drone strikes are used against targets that pose an imminent threat, not for retribution. danielle nottingham reports. >> reporter: protesters held up the start of john brennan's confirmation hearing. officers removed demonstrators upset over the u.s. drone strike program brennan helped manage. the president's pick for cia director then faced senators. lawmakers recently got a look at a see cent document explaining why the obama administration believes drone strikes can also target americans who joined with terrorist yoefrs seas. >> it's the idea of giving any president unfettered power to kill an american without checks and balances that's so troubling. >> reporter: brennan defended the policy. >> the president has insisted that any actions we take will be
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legally grounded. >> reporter: brennan was up for cia director in 2009 but withdrew his name from consideration after questions arose about his role in the war on terror. brennan was a cia executive when the bush administration used harsh techniques like waterboarding but denied any involvement. >> water boarding is rep prehencive and something that should not be done. >> reporter: human rights groups opposed brennan's nomination. toby brohay had to be removed from the hearing. she said drone strikes also kill innocent americans. the senate committee will continue hearing temperature and vote on his confirmation later this month. danielle noting harjs cbs new, capitol hill. coming up next a look at this morning's business headlines, and later, shedding pounds with your smartphone. we'll show you some apps designed to get you back in
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first lady michelle obama is expected to attend a funeral tomorrow in chicago of a 15-year-old girl who performing with her high school band at president obama's inauguration. hadiya pendleton was shot outside her home more than a week ago. police say she was not the intended target. a $40,000 reward is offered for information leading to her killer. on the cbs money watch a major investor sues apple plus americans step up borrowing. ashley morrison is here in new york with that and more. good morning, ashley. >> good morning, anne-marie. most asians saw profit margins. snapping a 12-week winning streak while hong kong's hang seng gained a fraction. concerns about troubled economy pushed wall street stocks lower.
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the dow jones industrial average lost 42 points thursday. the nasdaq fell 3 points. >> green light capital, a major investor in apple is suing for stockpiling cash. apple has about $137 billion in cash. green light wants the money given to shareholders. apple still the world's most valuable company but its stock has lost 35% of its value since september due to slower growth. the possible merger of american airlines and us airways reportedly could benefit america greatly. "the wall street journal" says america would gain access to hubs in seven of the nation's nine busiest airports. deals of the possible deal between both airlines are still being worked out. and americans borrowed more mostly to pay student loans and to buy cars. the federal loan reserve say americans cut back sharply on credit card use from november to december. at the same time consumer borrowing rose to more than $2.5
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trillion. that's the highest level on record. anne-marie? >> i guess that's pretty good. people feeling confident about those big ticket items. >> absolutely. >> all right. ashley morrison in new york, thank you. in sports, another one bites the dust. another team takes on a college basketball top ranked team. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] wonder what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. i work for 47 different companies. well, technically i work for one. that company, the united states postal service®, works for thousands of home businesses.
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83 the high. mostly cloudy in chicago, 34 the high. dallas, partly sunny. los angeles, occasional showers, 59 the high. in sports now, make it five weeks in a row that the top ranked college basketball team has lost. number one indiana visiting illinois. the hoosiers controlled most of the game, but with less than a second to play and to score tie, illinois inbounds the ball and tyler griffey hits the game-winning layup as the time expires. the fans rush the court to celebrate illinois's draw might 74-72 win. in one of nba's fiercest rivalries was renewed as the lakers visited the celtics in boston. paul pierce leads the way for 21 points. boston blows out l.a., 116-95. and one of hockey's toughest rierchryes turned bloody but it wasn't one of the players. the announcer john took a puck to the face and kept on
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broadcasting while he was being treated. 4-1 win over the no, islanders. >> well, there are 364 days go before the 2014 winter games in sochi, russia. president vladimir putin began the official countdown. when we return,weight loss help from your smartphone. we'll show you apps that promise to help you shed those extra pounds. [ male announcer ] rocky had no idea why dawn was gone for so long...
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country today. washington, occasional rain, 50. atlanta, mostly sunny, 63. st. louis, 45. denver, partly sunny, 54. seattle, partly sunny, 44 the high. well, by this time of the year, a lot of people may have given up on their new year's resolution to loseweight, but if
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you are looking for a little motivation, there are apps for that. marlie hall looks at how they work. >> reporter: ester is trying to get back in shape. >> i had lost 17 pounds a few years ago and kept them off probably two to three -- two years. slowly they started coming back. >> reporter: she said she regained the weight when she stopped using an app on her phone called lose it. >> it makes it much easier. you can scan the bar code and it will calculate what you ate for you. here's my waffle. >> reporter: studies have shown people who keep track of their calories and exercise whether on paper or online increase their chances of losing weight. popular diet apps like lose it and my pound lose it. >> you can see how many you have left for the day. >> reporter: but health experts warn the' only work if you're
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totally honest and record everything you eat. another thing to keep in mind, some of the apps vary. >> some overestimate how many calories you burn while you exercises. if you walk for a couple of miles and it says you burned 600 calories, be careful not to eat 600 calories. >> reporter: now that ester is back on her app, she feels better. she wants to lose 20 pounds before turning 50 this year. whitney houston is being honored in wax. four figures were unveiled at madame tussauds's yesterday. each represents a memorable point in her career. tight first time they've created four statues of one person. you can watch the documentaries as well on how they honored houston when she passed away.
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"a death in the family," the 5 59 grammy air force sunday at 8:00, 7:00 central, rather, right here on cps. well, coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning" gayle king is in los angeles with it. with cream and it -- mommy, what's going on? what are you doing? so when we did the blonde roast, she finally went from a splash of coffee to only a splash of cream. and i thought that was so cool, i said "well she's enjoying this." ♪ ♪
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well, good morning and welcome to wusa9, who care what is day it is? all that matters is it's
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friday. friday, friday. friday? ♪ whoo! somebody set this up. >> totally had one -- >> i did i just got started. i'm mike hydeck, happy friday. thank you for joining us. >> i'm andrea roane, we are surely glad it's friday and you're watching us, monika samtani will have the timesaver traffic in just a moment. we begin with the man of the hour. howard bernstein. >> i can't follow that. >> all right get your mojo on boy. >> got a little bit of wintery weather out there north and west of town. not much rain in d.c.. a little bit just that sliver far northern northwestern montgomery county as well. here's a look at the winter weather advisory covering areas north and west. even howard county's in it but it would be far northwestern howard county closer to doo miss cushion and mount airy. loudoun a little bit of snow
4:27 am
but most of this is sticking to the grassy areas and the cars. in revan unofficial report of 3 inches. that's near the madison culpeper line and we're going to have try to get some verification on that. big storm up north moving east. plenty of snow out of that and then this is the storm bringing us the rain. the little bit of snow here. that's going to clobber new england. for us we're seeing the rain here in town. west of us there could be some sleet and snow mixing in as well here west of manassas this morning. trying to figure out exactly where that rain snow line is. snow in' jamsville and we know western loudoun county has a little snow as well and that's getting down into northern fauquier and parts of the shenandoah valley. harrisonburg and winchester all reporting light wet snow. mainly grassy surfaces and cars and a quick look at temperatures before we go. leesburg and frederick are 32 along with winchester. very important there because obviously that's the critical
4:28 am
number for snow to be sticking. but the road surfaces are generally still above freezing, touch and go this morning north and west. low to mid-40s later on. monika? we were in touch with loudoun county sheriff's office and they tell us the roads are just wet. no icy conditions, as howard said the road temperature is helping with that. and coming in from the west you should be okay. here's what it looks like on the beltway. north of town. no issues except when you get to the outer loop at the connecticut avenue where a car went off the road and hit the guardrail. the activity is there on the shoulder of the main line is open though. as you travel westbound on 495. let's take a live look at 270 on the southbound side. just wet here. at route 28 and as you head down to the point where the lanes divide. back to the maps again this time from the west as i said the road conditions should be okay especially from manassaslo time over to 66 here at route 123. andrea roane and mike? the northeast specifically
4:29 am
new england is bracing for their version of snowmageddon. >> it's expected to start falling this morning. the heaviest accumulations though tonight through early tomorrow. and all day tomorrow. forecasters say as much as 2 feet possibly more boston points north and down -- over towards the coast some parts of northeastern connecticut as well. blizzard warnings are stretching from new jersey to maine. thousands of flights already into and out of that region have been canceled. a man hunt is underway in southern california for an expolice officer who is allegedly now hunting down his former colleagues literally. police believe christopher dorner has already killed two people including a police officer. in his manifesto he vows revenge for being fired from the police force back in 2008. he nettened the officials -- threatened the officials involved in the firing as well as their families. >> dorner is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous. >> certainly he could be anywhere at this point and that's why
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